Saturday, July 9, 2011

Very Together

A unique Canadian release was issued on or about November 17 1969. The title of the LP is "Very Together" and was issued by Polydor Records with the catalogue number Polydor Special 242.008 (stereo only). What made this LP interesting was the front cover of the album. The contents for the LP contained mainly the same track listing as "In The Beginning" released six months later in the US. Side one consisted of: "Ain't She Sweet "(Beatles), "Cry For a Shadow" (Beatles), "Let's Dance" (Sheridan/Beat Brothers), "My Bonnie" (Sheridan/Beatles), "If You Love Me, Baby" (Sheridan/Beatles) and "What'd I Say" (Sheridan/Beat Brothers). Side two consisted of: "Sweet Georgia Brown" (Sheridan/Beatles), "The Saints", "Ruby Baby" ( both Sheridan/Beat Brothers), "Why" (Sheridan/Beatles), "Nobody's Child" (Sheridan/Beatles) and "Ya Ya" (Sheridan/Beat Brothers).

The front cover consists of a photograph of a candleabra holding four candles. The second candle from the left has been snuffed out and you can see the smoke eminating from this ca ndle. At the top of the front cover, the words "The Beatles" and "Very Together" have the same font featured on the front cover of the "Yellow Submarine" LP in white.

The back cover features interview quotes from George Harrison talking to Ritchie Yorke of "Globe Magazine" in September 1969. There are two versions of the back cover: the first credits Jean-Patrick Amish as photographer for the front cover. Later back covers feature an extension of the credits with the addition of "W. Birkenfeld, C. Risch & Friends". the back cover also features the title and artist as well as the tracklisting.

The labels used for this release are the Polydor red labels with the Polydor logo at the top of the labels and "special" printed below in box style. The font is the typical one used similar to earlier Beatles releases from Compo. Both my copies are machine stamped and are pressed by Compo.

I don't believe (but not 100 percent sure) that inner sleeves were included in this package. This type of "cash in" LP was priced lower than most LPs of the era.

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