Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twist And Shout LP

This was the second Canadian only release from Capitol of Canada. The release date was February 03 1964 and the catalogue number is Capitol of Canada T-6054. Original copies of this record were only available in mono.

The front cover of the LP has a pink background at the top third of the front with the words "twist and shout" and "The Beatles" written in white (for the former) and black (for the latter). This made the LP stand out from others with it's bright colour flashing at the buyer when the album was lifted up from the rack. A great idea and used many times over the years. The front black and white photo was taken from the UK Parlophone "Twist and Shout" EP showing the Beatles jumping over what looks like building rubble. The front cover also tells us that this LP is part of the "6000 series" and a blurb on the right side of the front covers tells us the LP contains the song "She Loves You".

The back cover of this LP features a famous Dezo Hoffmann black and white photograph of the Beatles (complete with Paul holding his cigarette) that also graced the picture sleeve for the US single "I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There" (Capitol 5112). The iconic photograph is placed at the top left hand side of the back cover. The top right hand side features the songs and timings on the LP. Under neath the photo are liner notes supposedly written by Paul White and on the other side under the track listing are short bios of the four Beatles individually. The back cover also features a mini photo of the front cover of the previous LP by Capitol of Canada "Beatlemania! With The Beatles" (Capitol of Canada T-6051) and the track listing below it.

The labels are the classic Capitol rainbow labels with large indents (RCA press) and the perimeter print in white above the rainbow edge. Some copies of this LP contained the Capitol/Angel/ Pathe red and white inner sleeves. Some of the first pressings also contain a bonus glossy promo photo with the Beatles surrounding a chair (Ringo sitting in the chair, Paul to the left, George behind Ringo and John to the right) with the words: "The Beatles" written in large black letters to the left and "Exclusive Capitol Records Recording Stars" written in small black letters with the Capitol logo on the right.

The songs contained on this LP features tracks 3, 4, 5, 6,7 from side one of the UK LP "Please Please Me" (Parlophone PMC 1202) and continues with track 1 from side two of PMC 1202 and the single "From Me To You" to end side one. Side two opens with tracks 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 from side two of the "Please Please Me" Parlophone UK LP and the last track is the single "She Loves You".

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  1. My copys a late '70s/early '80s reprint with a grape purple label and its in stereo. I got it for just $5 US as it claimed it was in poor condition, but I had a listen and it was fine.