Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beatlemania ! With The Beatles

The very first North American official LP was released on November 25 1963 (three days later after the UK "With The Beatles"). This LP was released only in Canada through Capitol of Canada. The catalogue number for this LP is T-6051 (part of Capitol of Canada's "6000" series).

The front cover is essentially the same as the UK "With The Beatles" with the exception of the title and some tabloid quotes printed over the familiar Beatles "half shadow" cover used on both "Meet The Beatles" and "With The Beatles".

The back cover of the LP is the same as the UK "With The Beatles" with the liner notes by Tony Barrow.The original release was only available in mono.

The labels for the LP are the usual black/ rainbow labels with perimeter print in white above the rainbow rim. The record label has a wide indentition signifying that the record was pressed in Smith Falls, Ontario. The track listing for the LP is exactly the same as "With The Beatles". Some of the pressings had a red and white inner sleeve promoting "Capitol", "Angel" and "Pathe" records.

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