Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Beatles' Second Album

The second Capitol LP was released on April 10 1964 in the United States (Along with "Meet The Beatles", this LP would not be released in this configuration in Canada until February 1967). The LP was available in mono and stereo. The catalogue number for the mono release is Capitol T-2080 and the stereo release is Capitol ST-2080.

The front cover consists of various sepia toned photos of the Beatles taken by Joe Covello and licensed through "Black Star" (whatevek that is). The front cover also features a large emerald green blurb stressing that both "She Loves You" and "Roll Over Beethoven" are tracks included on the LP.

The back cover several black and whit photos of the group once again credited to Joe Covello and, like the front cover, feature some photos of the Ed Sullivan show appearance, live in Washington DC, a press conference at JFK (on the front), things like that. The back cover also shows a mini album cover of the previously released "Meet The Beatles" with track listings. There is also a George Martin production credit.

The labels feature the classic Capitol black/rainbow type with blue print above the rainbow rim. On most original first pressings, the timings for the first two songs on side two: "Long Tall Sally" and "I Call Your Name" are not present.

The songs included on the LP start with side one "Roll Over Beethoven" ( the first song on side two of the UK LP "With the Beatles"), "Thank You Girl" ( B-side to "From Me To You"), "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (track 3 on side two of "With The Beatles"), "Devil In Her Heart" (track 5 on side two of "With The Beatles"), "You Can't Do That" (b-side of "Can't Buy Me Love").

The songs included on the LP side two: "Long Tall Sally" (from the UK self titled EP), "I Call Your Name" (also from the UK "Long Tall Sally" EP), "Please Mister Postman" (last track on side one of "With The Beatles"), "I'll Get You" and "She Loves You" (both songs from the UK single.

The inner sleeves for this LP were the dark royal blue version with the mini LP covers and the "Caution!" needle statement.

The US mixes on some of these songs are significantly duller than the UK counterparts. The stereo mixes, especially, have lots of added reverb (which would intensify in the next couple of years) and some of the mono-only songs were treated to the "duophonic" process - highs on one side of the spectrum and lows on the other side.

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