Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Tall Sally LP

This third and final uniquely Capitol of Canada LP was released on or about Monday April 27 1964. The LP was only available in mono (at the time) and the catalogue number is Capitol of Canada T-6063 (part of the "6000" series).

The front cover of the LP features the exact same photographs and star graphics as the US issued "The Beatles' Second Album". The top of the cover has the same font and size "The Beatles'" print but instead of "Second Album", the black print states the LP name "Long Tall Sally". Underneath are titles of five songs from the LP as well as the blub: "And Others". There is no emerald green "feature" songs on the right hand side of the cover, instead there is the Capitol logo with the "The "6000" series" banner and "High Fidelity" written below the logo. On the lower right hand side is the printers' "Parrs" logo along with the words "Litho In Canada"

The back cover features the same black and white photos and graphics as the US "Second Album" but the large print at the top of the back cover is differenct as well as the catalogue number (naturally). The credits for the photos are the same but placed in the lower right side of the back cover. The track listing is on the left and mini LP covers of both "Beatlemania: With The Beatles" - below the track list and "Twist And Shout" - show diagonally to the right. Joint production credits are "Produced in London by George Martin" and "Canadian Album Production Paul White" are also shown on the lower left.

The labels are similar to the US rainbow labels with the blue lettering above the rainbow rim. My copy does NOT have the word "Canada" in brackets. Originals were pressed at RCA in Ontario.

The track listing is unique to this LP: Side one consists of the A and B side of the single "I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There", next is "You Really Got A Hold On Me", "Devil In Her Heart" and "Roll Over Beethoven" (tracks 3,5 and 1 on side two of the UK LP "With the Beatles" respectively). Side one ends with "Misery" (track 2 side one of the UK LP "Please Please Me").

Side two consists of: "Long Tall Sally" and "I Call Your Name" (both from the UK EP "Long Tall Sally"), "Please Mister Postman" (track 7 side one of "With The Beatles"), "This Boy" (the b-side of the UK single "I Want To Hold Your Hand"), "I'll Get You" (the b-side of "She Loves You") and "You Can't Do That" (the b-side of "Can't Buy Me Love").

Unfortunately for Beatles consumers in Canada during this period, four of the songs from this LP had already been released on the previous Capitol of Canada "6000" series LP "Beatlemania! With The Beatles" LP !!

After this release, most of the Capitol issued LPs were configured with the same front cover and back cover (with the exception of the "made in Canada" blurbs and the back cover mini LPs which featured the Canadian catalogue for the earlier LPs).

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