Friday, January 1, 2010

We'll Make A Film About A Man That's Sad and Lonely

The last song on side one of the Parlophone UK version of the second film soundtrack "Help!" was a previously released single entitled "Ticket To Ride". This song has been discussed in a previous post.

The next side of the Parlophone UK LP (or the eighth song on the CD) begins the side which was not from the soundtrack of the film but with the other songs from the early 1965 recording sessions. First up is a cover song that was written by Johnny Russel /Voni Morrison and performed by Buck Owens and his Buckaroos. The song is entitled "Act Naturally". This was chosen for Ringo Starr to sing since the original composition by Lennon/McCartney entitled "If You've Got Trouble" originally chosen for Ringo had not panned out so this cover version was officially released instead. "If You've Got Trouble" will be discussed in a later post.

So...back to the task at hand with "Act Naturally". As previously mentioned, this was a song vehicle for Ringo to sing on the "Help!" LP (UK version) and it was recorded near the end of the sessions on Thursday June 18 1965 at EMI studio two. It took 13 takes of the basic track before vocals by Ringo (with backing vocals by Paul) to be overdubbed.

"Act Naturally" was mixed for both mono and stereo on the same day: that being June 18 1965 (which , incidentally, was Paul's 23rd birthday) from the control room of EMI studio two.

"Act Naturally" appears on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" as well as the North American Capitol LP "Yesterday...And Today".

The song was performed live at some cities during the 1965 North American Tour, it was featured on the 1965 "Ed Sullivan Show" in the United States and was also performed on the 1965 UK television show "Cilla".

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