Friday, January 29, 2010

The Other Day I Saw You

The song that opens side two of the "Rubber Soul" LP (UK version) OR the eight song from the Parlophone UK LP/CD is a Lennon/McCartney/ Starkey original entitled "What Goes On". This tune is sung by Ringo and is his featured song for the LP. This tune was also released as the B side to "Nowhere Man" in the north American market. Original Capitol pressings indicate that the composers are John Lennon - Paul McCartney and omit the Starkey credit.

The original intention for "What Goes On" was for it to be recorded back on March 50 1963. This was the same session for the "From Me To You/ Thank You Girl / One After 909" series of recordings. "What Goes On" was never attempted in March 1963 and was revived for the "Rubber Soul" sessions (October/November 1965) due to the fact that time was running out and the LP was due at the beginning of December 1965. Therefore, the actual recording took place on Thursday November 04 1965 at EMI studio two. The basic track was again recorded in only one take although I'm sure a lot of rehearsal and arrangement was certainly pre-planned. Overdubs for "What Goes On" included Ringo's vocal, backing vocals and some lead guitar from George Harrison.

"What Goes On" was mixed for mono and stereo on the same day which was Tuesday November 09 1965 from room 65 at EMI studios. The guitar solo at the very end of the song (the last tag) is more complete on the stereo mix rather than the mono mix. Although another stereo mix was produced for the CD version, there is little difference between the original stereo mix and the CD mix. In fact, the original stereo mix has a slightly wider stereo picture than the CD mix.

"What Goes On" can be found on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Rubber Soul" as well as the North American Capitol LP "Yesterday...And Today". It was also released as a single with "Nowhere Man" as the B side (Capitol 5587 on February 21 1966).

"What Goes On" was never performed live.

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