Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'll Make Bright Your Day

The next song on the second soundtrack Parlophone UK LP was an original Lennon/McCartney latin tinged type of tune entitled "Tell Me What You See". This one seems to be a collaboration of both writers but it leans towards Paul. Both John and Paul sing the song as a duet. The tune was considered for the actual film but it was relegated to the second side of the non-soundtrack songs in the end. It's a nice tune and I especially like the keyboard bit after the chorus. This electric piano was played by Paul.

"Tell Me What You See" was recorded on Thursday February 18 1965 at EMI studio two. Four takes were required to complete the basic track. Overdubs include the electric piano, a second vocal by Paul, tambourine and claves. The song was mixed for mono two days later on February 20 1965 from the control room of studio two. Finally, the song was mixed for stereo three days after the mono mix on February 23 1965 also from the control room of studio two. A pretty straightforward track.

"Tell Me What You See" is available on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Beatles VI". It can also be found on the EMI/Capitol 2-LP compilation set "Love Songs".

"Tell Me What You See" was never performed live.

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