Friday, January 8, 2010

Put Your Little Hand In Mine

The final song on the second sountrack Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" is a cover tune entitled "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" that was originally written and performed by the great Larry Williams. The recording of this song and another Larry Williams song "Bad Boy" were recorded especially for the North American market upon request by Capitol Records. The Beatles being obligatory to the fact decided to pull out these two songs since they did not have any original material ready to record at this time. Both songs ended up on the Capitol version of "Beatles VI" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" ended up on the UK "Help!" LP as well. "Bad Boy" was eventually released in the UK but this will be discussed in a later post. Now...back to "Dizzy Miss Lizzy".

The song was recorded on Monday May 10 1965 at EMI Studio Two. Two takes were completed and the song was left as is and marked "best". The Beatles went away and worked on other things until returning to the song in order to improve upon it. The Beatles than performed another five takes until arriving to take 7 which was now the best take and the one that was released commercially. Overdubs for the song included the vocal by John, an additional guitar overdub by George, cowbell by Ringo and an electric piano by Paul.

Once the overdubs for "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"were completed, both mono and stereo mixes were completed and a copy of the tape sent to Capitol Records in Hollywood, California, US. All done on the same day and all completed at EMI studio two.

"Dizzy Miss Lizzy" appeared on the Parlophone UK LP/CD "Help!" as well as the North American Capitol LP/CD "Beatles VI". It is also featured on the EMI/Capitol 2-LP compilation "Rock And Roll Music".

The Beatles performed "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" live during thier 1965 North American tour as well as on their tour of the UK in late 1965. A version of this can be heard on the EMI/Capitol LP "The Beatles At the Hollywood Bowl".

The Beatles performed "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" for BBC radio on their final show "The Beatles Invite You to Take a Ticket To Ride". Once broadcast in June 1965, the Beatles never recorded another live show for the BBC during their career. The BBC version of the performance can be heard on the Apple 2-LP/3-CD "Live at the BBC".

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