Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Your Mother Should Know" Unsuccessful Remake

On September 16 1967, Paul McCartney had decided to try another pass at his composition "Your Mother Should Know" in a different recorded form probably for experimental purposes or maybe to try another method of presentation for the song. In any case, this session saw a remake of the tune that ended up on the commercial Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2" project. It's even mixed in stereo !
During the session in number 3 at EMI Studios in London, Paul played the harmonium and Ringo plays his snare drum. There are also bongos and a phased piano heard during the track which may or may not be band mates George and John. About 10 takes were performed with take 27 (the seventh take) being used as the example for the Anthology version.
A little more than a week after this recording (on September 24 1967); The Beatles filmed the scene for the song and the earlier version with Paul on piano - the version which would also end up on the disc - was used instead of this version.

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