Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Walrus and The Fool

On September 06 1967, The Beatles entered Studio Two at EMI in London to continue the completion of the "I Am The Walrus" track. This time the previous backing track (see last entry) was reduced to take 17 with Paul adding some bass guitar and Ringo thickening his snare drum. John Lennon added his vocal which would be used on the commercial recording. The vocal features a great compression in sound and you can tell that John is forcing his vocal by the way he is singing. It's also been witnessed by DJ of the time Kenny Everett (who is present at this particular session) that Lennon had been singing the song over and over for most of the day making his voice slightly hoarse which contributed to the sound of the vocal.
Once this task was completed, a mono mix was attempted and the fourth mix was used to copy onto an acetate. The mono mix was also used for miming during the filming of the accompanying video of the tune. This mono mix is featured on such bootlegs as the vinyl "Casualties" and the CD "Acetates". There is also a commercial version of this early take on the Apple 3LP/2CD "Anthology 2" which contains a stereo mix created from takes 16 and 17.
The other song featured at this session was a very early example of a Paul McCartney song entitled "The Fool On The Hill". During a lull in the recording of "Walrus", Paul sat at the piano and recorded a short demo of the song as it stood at the time. Most of the lyrics are complete although the early version shows a few substituted words and some scat singing. There is also no planned ending so a "show biz" type ending is used in it's place. This version has been bootlegged on the LP "Strawberry Fields Forever" as well as the CD titles "Ultra Rare Trax, Volume One" and "Acetates". It eventually appeared commercial on the Apple 3LP/2CD "Anthology 2" in mono.

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