Saturday, April 30, 2016

"The Fool On The Hill" Unsuccessful Attempt

I guess I should perhaps clarify a bit: both "Your Mother Should Know" and "The Fool On The Hill" had variations of the arrangements recorded around the time of the "Magical Mystery Tour" project in late 1967. The only reason I call them "unsuccessful" is that they did not - at the time of release - appear on the LP nor in the film. Bootlegs of the demo for "The Fool On The Hill" discussed in a previous post did appear and was released in so/so quality and both the "Your Mother Should Know" from my last post and this arrangement of "The Fool On The Hill" were both very successfully released on the 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2" Apple project in early 1996.
This early version of "The Fool On The Hill" was recorded on September 25 1967 at EMI Studio 2. The lyrics for the song would eventually change slightly (a word or two in the verses) over the course of the project. From the beginning the arrangement included piano and recorders/flutes, Paul's main vocal, acoustic guitar, drums played with brushes. The intro at this point is the same as the earlier piano demo. Three takes were recorded of the basic track with some overdubs added onto take four. The successful remake would be started the following evening.

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