Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Magical Mystery Tour" Title Song Recording

The recording of the song "Magical Mystery Tour" practically blended with the end of the "Sgt. Pepper" sessions in timing. The end of the current LP was completed and within a few days the beginning of a new project was started. The inspiration of Paul McCartney's "Magical Mystery Tour" was written while Paul had visited the USA earlier in the month and derives from bus tours given in the UK where an unknown destination -for the passengers- would end up somewhere on a sea side whereby the partying and drinking would commence.
On April 25 1967, The Beatles gathered into EMI Studio 2 to start the recording with Paul on piano, John and George on their guitars and Ringo on Drums. Take three became the basic track with reductions of the four track where all this was thrown on to track one in five attempts bringing the recording up to take eight. Backing vocals by all were added to track four, bass by Paul on track two and some percussion (cow bell, tambourine, etc.) all went onto track three.
Another reduction was completed combining tracks 2 and 3, 1 and 4 bringing the recording to take nine. This left tracks 3 and 4 open.
On April 27 1967, the lead vocal by Paul along with some harmonies was recorded onto track 3 and a mono mix was made and cut into an acetate in order to have the score written out for the brass parts to be added later on.
This take nine mix can be heard on the bootleg CD "Another tracks (sic) of Magical Mystery Tour". This can also be found on various "Alternate" version issued on vinyl and CD.

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