Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Magical Mystery Tour" Overdub/Film Mixes

The recording sessions for "Magical Mystery Tour" continued on the evening of May 03 1978 at EMI Studio 3 with brass overdubs for the song. When the trumpeters arrived, they were surprised to find out that no score was yet available. The story goes that Paul McCartney and George Martin were at the piano trying to figure out what the brass would be playing and the score ended up being written by Gary Howarth who was one of the musicians hired for the session!
The brass was recorded onto the empty track 4 and mono mixes were conducted for the song. There were seven attempts at a mono mix with some attempts on May 04 1967 and others on September 28 1967 (the last one used on the television show). The LP/CD mono mix would not be mixed until November 06 1967 which will be discussed in a later post.
The September 28 1967 mono mix contains various noises and voice narration not issued on the commercial recording including some audience applause, vehicle noises and the voice intro by John Lennon "roll up, roll up". There is also a narration by John Lennon in the middle of the song for the mono mix of the show; the "trip of a lifetime", etc.
Interestingly, the later VHS/DVD release of the television show features a stereo re-creation of the introduction using the stereo separation of takes eight and nine with the narration included.
The television show mono mix can be found on various bootlegs including the CD "Acetates" as well as the bootleg LP "Cinelogue Soundtrack" series and various examples of the "Alternate Magical Mystery Tour" LP and CD series.

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