Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Within You, Without You" Mixes

In early April (3 and 4) 1967, the mixes for "Within You, Without You" which was an original George Harrison composition, were experimented and completed. The song consists of three parts, the first verses, the middle section and the final section of verse.
There was a private reduction mix completed early on for George Martin to take away and score a musical section for violins and cellos. You can hear an example of the overdubs on the "Making of Sgt. Pepper" television special and this has also been available on the vinyl bootleg "Arrive Without Traveling" and the CD bootleg "Arrive Without Aging".
The mix from the 3-LP/3-CD Apple/EMI "Anthology 2" project consist of an instrumental leaving the bare backing for the first two minutes before introducing the orchestral overdubs. You can hear George Harrison's sitar clearly. Vocals have been taken out obviously.
The mono and stereo mix present on the commercial "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" LP contains edits between the first part/ second and third part. The edit is smoother on the mono mix (which can be heard at 2:23). Also the mono mix is two seconds longer than the stereo mix as the laughter (which is added to the end of the song as suggested by the composer) is different on each mix.
"Within You, Without You" was also re-mixed by Giles Martin for the Beatles' late 2006 issue of the 2-LP/CD "Love" project and mashed up with "Tomorrow Never Knows".
I've included the "Anthology 2" mix below for your listening pleasure:

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