Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Here, There and Everywhere" Early take w/harmonies.

There is a version of "Here, There And Everywhere" that is contained on the commercially released Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2" that is an example of a sort of "out fake" that would permeate a lot of this set. I know it's not nice to criticize these things as it is very entertaining and also it's cool to hear some of the early guide vocal stuff, this uses an early vocal attempt (and not the one that was to be used as it was strictly a guide) combined with the later additional harmonies "flown in" from a different take. It all sounds great in the end but it loses a bit of it's authenticity.
The backing tracks for this Macca tune were started on June 14 1966 at EMI Studio 2. There were four takes completed and some vocals were also attempted. This was not to be used in the end and The Beatles decided to start over a couple of days later and they re-entered the same studio on June 16 1966 for another attempt at the song starting fresh.
This time, thirteen takes of the backing instrumental (drums, bass, guitars) was completed and as this was taking place Paul would sing a guide vocal as the guys played in order to placemark the arrangement for the song. The guide vocal on the Anthology set comes from take seven. The backing vocals - three part harmonies were then taken from take thirteen and added to take seven to accomplish the final version as heard on the commercial release. The backing vocals enter during the last verse, also notice that cadence on the main vocal is different than the commercial version would provide.
The next day (June 17 1966) and at the same location, Paul would add his final vocal as heard on the "Revolver" LP/CD and even harmonize with himself during the double tracking of his vocal. Here's a link to the "Anthology" version:

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