Saturday, May 9, 2015

"He Said, He Said" Composing Tape

There exists a cassette recording which features John Lennon composing a new song along with a recording of a phone conversation with who and where, I 'm not sure. The interesting part is that the song being composed would end up on the Beatles' LP "Revolver" to close out side one, namely "She Said, She Said".
The composing tape doesn't have a precise date but it is between September 1965 and June 1966. The song would be recorded on June 21 1966 at EMI Studio 2 with all four playing on the backing track but only John and George contributing to the vocal (Paul had walked out on the session at some point due to a supposed argument).
But I digress, the composition tape consists of two sessions. The first session has John with acoustic guitar repeating "He Said, I know what it's like to be dead" over and over. This was due to the Beatles relaxing in Los Angeles during their 1965 tour when actor Peter Fonda approached John (who was on acid at the time) and repeating that he knew what it was like to be dead !!
The second session on the tape is a little clearer and the verses are complete lyrically. The only other change in the song is the middle waltz "When I was a boy" part which was completed with the help of George Harrison.
I've included a portion of the tape for your listening pleasure:

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  1. Hey, Mr. Kite! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it! I'm not as versed on the audio Beatle "stuff" (yet) as I am with the video stuff, but your blog is educating me. Thank you! And I heard this take some time ago somewhere on a social media site and forgot it was nice hearing it, again. I love how John says, "Did he?" lol! Thanks, again. Bookmarking your site. :)