Saturday, January 31, 2015

"I'm Looking Through You" (Take 1) - Early Song Version

The Beatles entered EMI Studio 2 in the afternoon and evening of October 24 1965 to record a new piece by Mr. McCartney (mainly) of "I'm Looking Through You". Most of the day was spent rehearsing and polishing the music and then a take of the song was recorded and overdubs were added.
The main backing consists of an acoustic guitar, bass/drums and some percussion. Added to this was Paul's vocal doubled and a harmony by John, some organ, maracas and an electric guitar solo twice by George.
The song sounds incomplete these days due to the fact that there was no real middle eight written for the song at this time, so the guitar solos compensate for the lack of the middle eight and is played in the rock and roll style of the root chord, fourth chord and fifth chord.
The song was left on that day and probably shelved with the possibility of adding the song to the "Rubber Soul" set but this was not to be. The song would be re-recorded with the middle eight a couple of weeks later. This version would remain unreleased during the Beatles career.
The song first came out on bootleg vinyl and CD under the "Sessions" title when it was mixed for stereo by Geoff Emerick in the early 1980s. The song would eventually be released commercially on the Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 2".

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