Saturday, January 17, 2015

"We Can Work It Out" Outtake/Early Mix

On October 20 1965, The Beatles were at EMI Studios in Studio 2 in order to record the new song "We Can Work It Out" during an afternoon/evening session.
There is an outtake available consisting of Take 1. This starts with the engineer's announcement (the engineer being Norman Smith in this case) and the instrumentation of acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine and drums. John, Paul , George and Ringo playing the song in that order of instrumentation.
The song rolls along quite nicely until the second bridge when a rare mistake by Ringo is taken. The bridge falls into 3/4 timing at the end but Ringo misses the cue and continues along in 4/4 until the music stops.
Take 2 was complete and the harmonium along with John and Paul's vocals were added as overdubs. An early mix was conducted on October 28 1965 until the group decided to add a bit more harmonium and a double "Paul" vocal on October 29 1965.
You can hear Take 1 on the vinyl bootleg "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3 & 4" as well as on the CD bootleg "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2". Take 2 can be heard on the vinyl bootleg "Arrive Without Travelling" and on the CD bootleg counterpart "Arrive Without Aging".
I've included takes 1 and 2 on this youtube clip for your listening pleasure:

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