Saturday, February 7, 2015

"12-Bar Original"

On November 04 1965, The Beatles entered Studio Two at EMI Studios in order to continue work on the fine album eventually to be released as "Rubber Soul". Time was running out as the LP had to be released within the month as the Christmas season was approaching and the ideas were a little "dry" songwise at this point.
There were two songs recorded during the evening/night session: the first one was a Ringo vocal entitled "What Goes On" with the usual line up of instruments and vocal overdubs. The second song recorded was an experiment known as "12-Bar Original".
Basically, it was a blues number; not very original - that plods on forever. The tempo is a bit boring and I think they are trying to be Booker T and the MGs or something like that. Fortunately, it was not released commercially until the Anthology series came out in the 90s.
The line up for "12-Bar Original" is George and John on guitar, Paul on bass, Ringo on Drums and George Martin on harmonium. It is your typical blues and repeats as an instrumental with no vocals whatsoever. It could have been used somewhere as back ground music, but the tune never really goes anywhere. Maybe they were just taking up time in the studio.
There are two takes of the song, the first take being about five bars before the song ends when the change of key is missed. The second take was the one mixed in mono. The tune lasts for almost seven and a half minutes before being called to a halt. Quite long for a simple blues instrumental. The final mix lasts just under seven minutes.
The song first appeared on vinyl bootleg "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3 and 4" and also appeared on the bootleg "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2" on CD. It also appears on "Acetates" (CD), the vinyl bootleg "Arrive Without Travelling" and the CD bootleg "Arrive Without Aging". Finally, the entire takes one and two (in stereo) appears on the CD bootleg "Turn Me On Deadman" which is where the link below sounds like it originates.
The song was also released commercially and heavily edited on the 3-LP/2-CD Apple "Anthology 2".

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