Sunday, August 18, 2013

The First "Saturday Club" of 1964

On January 07 1964, the Beatles assembled back into the work routine with little time off with all of the performances for the "Beatles Christmas Show" which consisted of 16 evenings with The Beatles playing a nine song set along with a couple of "comedy" routines.
And so it was that a radio show was completed on this day with the Beatles recording at the Playhouse Theatre in London. It would take only an hour and a half to record the show and the result would be broadcast almost a month and a half later (February 15 1964 to be exact).
The recording of the radio show for "Saturday Club" consisted of a new tune (for the time); the original Lennon/McCartney composition "All My Loving" sung by Paul in a single take vocal. This is followed by the cover version of the Barret Strong tune "Money (That's What I Want)" with John Lennon on vocals. After The Beatles read a request for "The Hippy Hippy Shake", this song is performed by the band with vocals by Paul.
BBC radio then take an older recording of the current single "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from the December 17 1963 performance and include in this broadcast. Although the performance is from an earlier recording, this tune is also read out by the Beatles as a request so maybe there wasn't time to play it.
Next, George takes over the vocal for his performance of Chuck Berry's song "Roll Over Beethoven" that is also featured in the latest LP and opens the second side. The next tune that is performed is the Chuck Berry cover "Johnny B. Goode" which is sung by John. The musical side of the performance is completed with the latest Ringo Starr vocal from the second LP; his contribution is a Lennon/McCartney number entitled "I Wanna Be Your Man".
Obviously, the gem of the set is the version of "Johnny B. Goode". This performance is available on various vinyl bootlegs; mainly "Rare Beatles" and "Beautiful Dreamer", "The Beatles at The Beeb, Volume Nine" also contains this song as well as the entire show. The CD box set "The Complete BBC Sessions" also contains the entire show. Finally, you can find "Johnny B. Goode" commercially on the Apple 2
-CD/2-LP set "Live At the BBC".

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