Friday, August 9, 2013

"Sweet Georgia Brown" vocal overdub

On January 03 1964, Polydor Records started noticing the attention heaped upon The Beatles and remembered that they had recorded material from the lads from a few years back. This prompted the record company to start distributing the old tunes over and over and over and over and over, etc.
On the above date and at the Studio Hamburg (renamed formerly Studio Rahlstedt) in Hamburg, Germany - Tony Sheridan was asked if he could re-do a vocal for the tune "Sweet Georgia Brown" that had the Beatles (namely John, Paul, George and Pete Best) as the backing band. Tony Sheridan agreed to this and proceeded to change the lyrics slightly and mention the Beatles, their hair and the fan club. This version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" is the one most often heard on all of those millions of Polydor recordings.
The mono version of the song was released on a French (France) vinly EP with the title as "Ain't She Sweet" and was also released in stereo on a French (France) ten inch LP with the title as "Les Beatles". Strange but true.
If interested, you may seek of the box set "Beatles Bop - Hamburg Days" on Bear Records and the CD will contain this cut both in mono and in stereo.

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