Saturday, August 31, 2013

Live In Paris Afternoon Show

The Beatles arrived in Paris for the last two weeks in January where there was a lot of activity going on around them. Not only were they booked for a series of concerts, but they would learn that their latest single would be number one in the good ole U.S. of A. They also managed to record some earlier tunes sung in German as well as commencing the latest and greatest upcoming Macca single which would (once again) hit the top of the charts.
But now for the subject as hand: The Beatles were recorded playing at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, France on January 16 1964. There are recording of both an afternoon show and the evening show. This entry will concentrate on the afternoon show.
Although the evening show was recorded as complete and sounds great, the afternoon show was recorded in bits and there is a lot of the set list missing or not recorded. The afternoon show was played in front of students and therefore the enthusiasm of the crowd is evident.
The afternoon show contains (on tape, as it were) three versions of "From Me To You", the first one complete. The next time is "I Saw Her Standing There" sung by Paul and then we hear the intro to "This Boy" before it's cut off. Next is presumably near the end of the show whereby "Twist and Shout" is performed and then the second version reprise of "From Me To You" is heard before being cut off. The last tune is "Long Tall Sally" and then a very, very short snippet of the "From Me To You" intro.
This version of the afternoon show can be found on an obscure CDR entitled "The Lost Paris Tapes".

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