Saturday, March 2, 2013

"The Mersey Sound" Television Show

Between August 27 and August 30 1963, The Beatles were to filed and recorded for a BBC-TV documentary that would eventually be titled "The Mersey Sound".  This documentary featured interviews with various people in the "business" in Liverpool (including Bill Harry of the "Merseybeat" pop newspaper) and some of the groups playing in Liverpool (including Jackie Lomax who would later become an Apple artist on the Beatles' label and is shown in the documentary with his group "The Undertakers" all wearing stove top hats !!).
The Beatles portion was filmed mainly on the 27th of August in a simulated live concert with only themselves and the BBC camera crew (no audience). Spliced in was audience shots from another show. The live concert was recorded at the Little Theater in Southport. The audience was filed the previous evening at the same location
The songs performed for the documentary include the cover of the Isley Brother's "Twist And Shout" which is the last song from the first LP; it is only heard in parts with voice-over. "She Loves You" (the lastest single) is also performed - both previous songs show the Beatles in their collarless jackets. A change of clothes and the very first single is lip-synced - "Love Me Do" although only a short portion is shown. Finally, there is also snatches of an instrumental version of the first song from the first LP "I Saw Her Standing There" used as incidental music sprinkled around the documentary.
The music can be heard on various youtube uploads and the music can be heard on bootleg CD "Beatles at the Beeb - TV".

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