Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Pop Go The Beatles" episode 15

On September 03 1963, the last of three episodes recorded on this day (very exhausting; a lot of music recorded on this day; and all live to boot!). Once again all three episodes were recorded at Studio Two, Aeolian Hall in London. the producer of the episodes was Ian Grant and the Host was once again Rodney Burke. Episode 15 would eventually air on the BBC light programme three weeks later on the 24th at around dinner time.
This particular episode features a repeat from an earlier recorded completed earlier in the day; the original Lennon/McCartney current single A-side "She Loves You". The next song performed is from the very second single - it's B side - the original mainly Lennon composition "Ask Me Why". This is followed by a cover of The Donays "Devel in Her Heart" featuring a vocal by George Harrison. The cover would be featured on the upcoming LP to be released by The Beatles two and a half months later after this recording. Paul sings the original composition "I Saw Her Standing There" which is the first song on side one of the first LP.  The Beatles go back to another cover in the form of "Sure To Fall (In Love With You)" and finally we hear the last cover from the Isley Brothers and sung by John "Twist and Shout" which also finishes the first LP.
This particular episode can be found on the late 1980s release "The Beatles At the Beeb, Volume Six" as well as on compact disc from the Great Dane Box set "The complete BBC sessions"
This is the last in the "Pop Go The Beatles" episodes for the BBC.

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