Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Big Night Out" television show.

On September 01, 1963, The Beatles taped a mimed appearance for the ITV television series "Big Night Out" at Studio One, Didsbury Studio Centre in Manchester England. This was basically all mimed with the commercial version of the songs playing. None of the guitars are plugged in and there are no mics.
The stage is just a thin piece of board over some kind of makeshift Ikea looking structure. The Beatles and their instruments are placed in between various archways (signifying the Cavern setting perhaps?). All of the Beatles are wearing their colarless suits for this taping.
The songs played during this taped performance include two their current number one singles "From Me To You" followed by "She Loves You". The next tune performed is the last song on the first LP; the cover of the Isley Brothers' "Twist and Shout". The hosts of the show (Mike Winters and Bernie Winters) thank the Beatles for their appearance and they introduce a new dance - The Monkey Twist !
There are hired dancers that then appear in front of the Beatles as they mime to "I Saw Her Standing There".  The end credits roll as the song fades.
The show was eventually aired a week later on September 07 1963. Segments from the show are available on VHS and DVD on the Beatles "Anthology" series in a commercial form.


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