Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pop Go The Beatles - episode 12

On August 01 1963, The Beatles recorded a second show for the BBC radio folks from the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester (see previous posting for the first one).
Once again, the producer for this particular episode was Ian Grant and the host for this one is Rodney Burke. No changes from the previous episode taped earlier in the day.
Of course, the songs are different and there they are: The first two songs are original compositions featured on previous 45 singles in the UK. Of course, "From Me To You" is sung by John and Paul and was a number one previous. The second original is "I'll Get You" which is also sung by John and Paul and featured on the "then" current single. A cover version of "Money (That's What I Want)" sung by John is next and this would be featured on the upcoming LP to be released later that year. The next song broadcast is the original composition by John entitled "There's A Place". This tune is from the first LP although the version heard here is from an earlier episode of "Pop Go The Beatles" (episode five) and was originally recorded the previous month (July 05). The next song performed is a cover version of the Carl Perkin's classic "Honey Don't" sung by John on this early version. The song would eventually be recorded for EMI on the Beatles fourth LP released almost a year and a half later in late 1964 and would be sung by Ringo. Finally, the last song for this recording is the Chuck Berry version of "Roll Over Beethoven" sung by George and this tune would also be featured on the upcoming second LP to be released later in the year.
The bootleg LP "The Beatles at the Beeb, Volume Five" includes "There's A Place", "Honey Don't" and "Roll Over Beethoven" from this performance. The box set by Great Dane "The Complete BBC Sessions" includes most of the performance with the exception of "I'll Get You". Also noted is that fact that "Honey Don't" from this episode is now available commercially on the 2-LP/2-CD Apple "Live At the BBC" release.

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