Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pop Go The Beatles - episode 11

On August 01 1963, The Beatles recorded two radio show both for the BBC. Both shows are for their own titled "Pop Go The Beatles" episodes 11 and 12. This entry will concentrate on the music for episode 11.
The show was recorded in Manchester at the Playhouse Theater.  The producer for the show is Ian Grant and the host of the show is Rodney Burke (master of corny jokes).
But what is really important is the music performed during this episode. The show opens with the cover tune "Ooh! My Soul" originally performed by Little Richard and this cover is sung by Paul with amazing drumming from Ringo. It should definitely had been put on an official EMI LP but there ya go. The second song performed on this episode is the cover "Don't Ever Change" originally written by Goffin/King. "Don't Ever Change" features George and Paul on vocals.
The next two songs are featured on the Beatles' first LP and are both covers sung by John. "Twist and Shout" is performed following by the Arthur Alexander tune "Anna (Go To Him)". The last song performed for this episode is "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues".
The first two songs and the last song can be found commercially on the "Live At The BBC" 2-LP/2-CD set from Apple. The others are available on vinyl "The Beatles At The Beeb, Volume Five" as well as on the Great Dane Box set in CD form.

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