Sunday, February 3, 2013

All My Loving - Alternate Intro

During the summer and fall of 1963, The Beatles were working on the follow up to their first LP. The second LP was coming along fine. On July 30 1963, The Beatles entered EMI Studio 2 to continue the fine work. They finished four songs on that day, two of them being overdubs from earlier takes: "Till There Was You" and "It Won't Be Long". The other two songs were started and completed from scratch "Roll Over Beethoven" and "All My Loving".
The alternate introduction to "All My Loving" is created via five high-hat hits and an intake of air from Paul McCartney. The introduction heard on most official recordings have this introduction edited out so that the song begins with vocals. The alternate introduction is still not heard often and was originally sent to the West Germany affiliate of EMI and used on the German "Odeon" LP pressings. I checked my white/gold label version (Odeon 0-83-568) and it has the high hat version in stereo. The German version is also available on the pirate/bootleg LP "Collector's Item" (both versions SPRO-9462 and SPRO-9463).

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