Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yellow Submarine Songtrack

On or around September 14 1999, EMI/Apple released a soundtrack LP and CD containing new mixes of the tunes presented in the re-issue of the "Yellow Submarine" Apple film. The catalogue number for this LP and CD are Apple UK 21481. The LP and CD contain 15 songs. including all 6 songs from side one of the original Apple "Yellow Submarine" LP. The rest of the tunes are from the snippets of songs used in the film. There is no George Martin music on the "Songtrack" version.

A very simple front cover for both the LP and the CD. Both feature a large drawing of the animated submarine with the exception of the last quarter of the sub containing the propellor and back directional flap. The Beatles' logo is large at the top of the front cover and the title of the LP/CD "Yellow Submarine" is written in large yellow letters with the word "Songtrack" written between the two former words in small white spaced lettering.

The back cover is different for the LP and CD. The LP was only manufactured in the UK. The LP back cover has the Apple logo at the upper right side along with the UPC code. The tracklisting is separated between side 1 and side 2 and appears on the left. The production credits and the copyrights appear at the lower left hand side. The CD is similar with the exception of the tracklisting which appears with no separation between side 1 and 2. My CD copy is Canadian therefore I have the Apple logo as well as the EMI Canada logo to the left of the UPC code. The US Capitol logo is just below the tracklisting on the left side. The production and copyright credits are at the bottom of the CD.

The inner part of the LP gatefold cover opens up to feature drawn scenes from the animated movie with reference to all of the songs from the LP. The CD features an insert that fold out and shows the same drawn scenes and references as the LP. The inner tray of the CD has the front cover drawing without the artist and title.

The label on the LP is also the same as the front cover including artist and title logo with either "side 1" or "side 2" and "all rights reserved" perimeter print. The CD label is similar to it's LP counter part with the exception of no side designation and the Apple logo is present.

This is the only Beatles LP that I know of which has had all the songs professionally re-mixed to stereo. The reason for the remixes is simply the fact that the re-issue film/DVD requires a 5.1 surround sound mix. In fact, to my ears...these mixes are absolutely amazing and sound wonderful. Quite an improvement from the original 60s mixes in many cases.

"Yellow Submarine" uses the stereo intro and mono Lennon voicing in the last verse. "Hey Bulldog" uses a mix whereby the bass is brought more to the center. "Eleanor Rigby" has the vocals more pronounced although there seems to be a split second sync problem. "Love You To" has the electric guitar a little more pronounced. "All Together now" has the finger cymbals brought up in the mix. "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" has the bass drum quite up front. "Think For Yourself" has the vocals more centered. "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With a Little Help From My Friends" also brings the instruments closer to the center. "Baby, You're a Rich Man" brings the piano to the fore. "Only A Northern Song" is in true stereo and the vocals are much cleaner. "All You Need is Love" brings the mix centered. "When I'm Sixty Four" brings a clearer mix. "Nowhere Man" centers the vocals. "It's All Too Much" completes the LP/CD. Although these are only quick samples of the mixes, they must be heard to be believed. Good job !!

All of the tracks were re-mixed at Abbey Road (which took two years) by Peter Cobbin, Paul Hicks, Mirek Siles and Allan Rouse. The original LP came with a yellow sticker on the front cover claiming "Yellow Submarine" feature film available on video and DVD. My later copy does not have the sticker. Also, the original LP was on yellow vinyl. My later copy is black vinyl. My Japanese copy (Apple/EMI TOJP-60145) also comes with the OBI and the four page lyric sheet and black vinyl. The LP and DVD are no longer in print (as far as I know).

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