Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yellow Submarine Songtrack Sampler

Another Apple release, another Apple sampler. This time the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" project came with a sampler in CD form with the catalogue number DPRO 13853-2. The sampler was released in late 1999 - probably early September.
The sampler contains four tracks: 1. Hey Bulldog; 2. Yellow Submarine; 3. Eleanor Rigby; 4. It's All Too Much. The mixes are the same as the regular "Songtrack" release.
The front cover is basically the same as the commercial release with a few exceptions. The construction of the sampler is digi-pack while the commercial version comes with a jewel case. The back cover has the Apple logo raised a little to the top right of the cover as compared with the commercial release. The tracklisting is on the upper left and the writing is much larger due to the fact that the sampler only carries four tracks rather than 15 on the commercial issue. The Capitol logo on the commerical issue is between the tracklisting and the production/copyright blurb. On the sampler, the Capitol logo is to the bottom right of the copyright blurb. At the bottom of the back cover, the sampler has the following: "promotional use only/not for sale" and finally as the catalogue number: DPRO 7087.
The digipack opens up as a gatefold. On the left panel in yellow submarine font are the words: "The Beatles' Boat is Back..." the panel explains that the classic movie is to be re-released and also mentions the sound improvement to 5.1 . It goes on to say that the home video/DVD are to be released on September 14th. The second paragraph explains the release of the songtrack as well as the remastered and remixed versions on the sampler. Lastly, the third paragraph explains that the new movie will be premiered in Liverpool on August 30th and will be known as "Yellow Submarine Day". It say to watch for the Yellow Submarine Eurostar, taxies and merchandise and warms that there is a seven foot Blue Meanie out there somewhere....
The right side of the open gatefold digipak contains the CD. The label has the copyright perimeter print, the Yellow Submarine similar to the front cover, the Beatles logo with the "Promotional Use Only/Not For Sale" print directly underneath the logo. To the right is the title with "Songtrack" between the two words in white and the catalogue number of the sampler.

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