Monday, January 2, 2012

Anthology Two CD Sampler

The second CD sampler promotes "Anthology Two" and was released sometime in early 1996 (according to the copyright information). The catalogue number for this release is Apple/Capitol DPRO-11200.

Although the packaging is not as elaborate as the first promo disc, this release is presented in a very colourful jewel case. The front of the CD pictures the Beatles' bass drum circa the "Pepper" era along with a yellow background. The Beatles' logo and the title "Anthology 2" are printed on the bass drum. On the left side of the bass drum and within the see-through section of the jewel case in front are four black and white photographs of the individual members of the band. From top to bottom are: John Lennon circa 1965/Paul McCartney circa 1965/George Harrison circa 1967 and Ringo Starr circa 1966. The spine is blue with (left to right) the catalogue number, the artist, title, and the words "promo CD" along with the Capitol and Apple logos.

The back of the CD is dark pink with the catalogue number inscibed along the top right edge. The top of the back cover has the catalogue number followed by the tracklisting/ production credits/ Capitol and Apple logos/ photo credits/ copyright information and lastly the words "Printed in USA".

The promo comes with a 12 page booklet containing photographs and liner notes for the tracks contained on the CD. The pages range from yellow, blue and dark pink with photos from the Pepper cover sessions, stills from the promo films for "Paperback Writer/Rain", "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever" and "I Am The Walrus" as well as the "Lady Madonna" photo session. The back cover of the booklet contains the promotion use only/not for sale blurb at the top with the Apple and Capitol logo at the bottom as well as the copyright information.

The inlay for the CD is similar to the front cover with a yellow background and the artist logo and title. The CD has the full Apple with a silver background, perimeter print with the manufactured and all rights reserved print. The left side has the Beatles' logo with a small Capitol logo underneath. The left side has the words "Taken from the album The Beatles Anthology 2" also "see booklet for details". The top has the not for sale comment and the catalogue number. The tracklisting is at the bottom.

The tracks contained on the CD are as follows: "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (take 5), "Yesterday" (take 1), "Help!" (live performance from "Blackpool Night Out"), "I'm Looking Through You"(original version before re-make), "Taxman"(take 11), "Eleanor Rigby" (instrumental mix), "I'm Only Sleeping" (rehearsal/take 1), "Strawberry Fields Forever"(take 1), "I Am the Walrus" (take 16) and "Across The Universe" (take 2).

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