Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Beatles on Compact Disc (Part Four)

On or around August 24, 1987; EMI released two more compact disc versions of UK titles: "The Beatles (White Album)" and "Yellow Submarine". It should also be noted that the "Yellow Submarine" movie was released on VHS four days after the CD release. This version did not contain the "Hey Bulldog" segment. The 1987 VHS version was eventually discontinued and replaced with the 1999 version that included the "Hey Bulldog" segment and additional extras.

Anyway, back to the 1987 CDs. The white album was originally released in a long box that was totally white and the had a grey coloured "The Beatles" logo (similar to the LP) on a bit of an angle at the front of the box. There is nothing else written on the front of the box except for the word "stereo" in light grey. The sides of the box have the title and the catalogue number and "Capitol Compact disc". The back has the tracklisting for the 2 discs, the UPC code and the usual Capitol/Compact Disc/Parlophone logos on the bottom.

The long box for the white album contain two CDs in separate CD jewel cases. First issues have the booklets numbered. The first CD contains a 24 page booklet that features the four portraits shown on the inside cover of the LP version (in colour) and parts of the poster included in the LP verson (although only parts of it on various pages) and contains the lyrics to the songs. There are no individual mini portraits nor poster (these goodies would only be reproduced in 1998 on the 30th anniversary version). The second CD contains a 4 page booklet showing the name of the band the four individual portrait photos in black and white. Both booklets have the tracklisting on the last page. The CDs themselves have a white background with black print. The catalogue number for this release is CCB 46443.

The "Yellow Submarine" CD release was also originally housed in a long box. The design for this particular long box was a little more conventional with the earlier releases in the sense that it has the artist title half white/yellow/gold and a reproduction of the front LP cover with the word "stereo" in orange at the bottom. The sides of the box have the artist/title in orange along with the catalogue number (in white) and the "Capitol Compact Disc" designation (also in white). The back of the box has the track listing in white split in two with a drawing of the yellow submarine surrounded by the cartoon Beatles. The UPC code and usualy logos are also present. The eight page booklet contain within the jewel case has the front cover, the tracklisting, the Derek Taylor liner notes from the original LP as well as the entire "White Album" review by Tony Palmer of the London Observer which was part of the original LP as well. The disc itself is silver with black print. The catalogue number for this release is CCT 7 46445 2.

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