Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Beatles on Compact Disc (Part Three)

The so-called "Highlight" of the first batch of compact disc releases in the (back then) new format was the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on or about June 01 1987. The release of the disc was to co-inside with the lyric of the title song and media tag for the release :"It was twenty Years ago today". EMI had originally released the LP version on May 26 1967 with the offical release date as June 01 1967 making the CD release exactly twenty years apart. Some fans and critics wondered if the timing of this release affected the earlier compact disc release efforts with the thin booklets and lack of proper liner notes. There were also complaints at the time of the mono only first four issues and lack of dual choice in formats between the mono mixes and stereo mixes. All of this would be rectified in 2009 with the remasters.

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was originally released in a long box which featured the artist name in blue/white above the iconic front cover image. Under the image is the tracklisting and the word "stereo" all in blue. The sides of the box also have the artist/title in blue. The back of the box features a mini version of the LP "cut outs" with the green background, a UPC code on the upper right, composer's credits and producer/engineer credits. The bottom of the box has the Capitol and Parlophone logo, the Compact Disc logo and patent/manufactuing information. The catalogue number for this release is: CDP 7 46442 2.

The CD jewel case contains the silver disc with information written in red (all previous releases have the information in black). The spine and back are also red and have the writing in black. The spine contains the title while the back contains the tracklisting information along with the usual UPC code and technical information/ Parlophone logo. The 28 page booklet as the front cover reproduced on page 01, page 02 has the numbered characters of the front cover and the next page has the character text identifying all participants. page 04 to 06 have a quote from George Martin and recording notes by Mark Lewisohn. Page 07 has quotes from Peter Blake. Page 08/09 have outtake photos for the cover shoot from Michael Cooper and a drawing by Paul. Page 10/11 reproduce the inner gatefold photo of the LP. Pages 12 to 25 feature the lyrics and various official and outtake photos for the back of the LP cover. Page 26 contains the cut out information, another Peter Blake quote and compact disc information. Page 27 contains a reproduction of the original inner sleeve design along with credit information. Last page has the tracklisting.

I have to admit that this particular package (especially the work put into the booklet) is probably the nicest of all the CDs released during the year 1987.

Original releases did NOT have the Apple logo on the back.

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