Monday, October 10, 2011

The Beatles On Compact Disc (Part Six)

The final two CDs released from the original UK LP catalogue were "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be". These were released on or about October 19 1987. The complete LP catalogue of the Beatles' music was now available and all had been released within the year. It was also a marketing campaign to get all the CDs released in time for the Christmas season. The compilation of non-LP tracks would follow shortly (see next post).

"Abbey Road" is one of the best sounding Beatles albums but the original 1987 CD had a lot of hiss in spots on tracks such as "Something" and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and in the quieter passages. "Let It Be" sounds fab.

"Abbey Road" came with a long box and it features the artist name above the front cover reproduction in a light brown. The sides of the box also have the artist and title in light brown. The back of the box has the UPC code the tracklisting split in two with the brick wall background from the original LP back cover and the artist and title. The woman in the blue dress walking by is not present. The bottom of the back of the box has the three logos: Capitol, Compact Disc and Parlophone.

The four page booklet features the reproduction of the front cover, the inner left has the tracklisting, the inner right has the compact disc blurb and the back of the book is split in two with the tracklisting (again) on a black background for the top half and the lower half has a partial reproduction of the back cover (artist/title/blue dress). No liner notes. No Apple logos anywhere on the original release.

"Let It Be" was issued with similar traits to it's predessessor, with the long box featuring the artist's name in a purple colour which also appears on the side of the box, the back featuring the tracklisting split with a reproduction of the front cover photographs on a white background. The three logos are at the bottom of the box.

The measly four page booklet contains a reproduction of the front cover on the front page, artist/title and tracklisting on page two; the same front cover photos on a white background with Compact Disc blurb on page three and the tracklisting (again) on a black background with the back cover "Let it Be" short blurb and the four photos taken from the back cover of the LP. Very boring indeed. Absolutely no liner notes. No Apple logos to be found on the original pressings.

The catalogue number for the "Abbey Road" CD is CCT 7 46446 2 and the catalogue numberfor the "Let It Be" CD is CCT 7 46447 2.

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