Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Is Where It Started

An LP release of little significance was put out by the Metro Record Company in the US and Canada on August 15 1966 in mono and stereo and entitled "This Is Where It Started". This LP was essentially a re-issue of the earlier MGM "My Bonnie" LP release ( please see earlier post for this issue). The catalogue number for the mono release is M-563 while the stereo catalogue number is MS-563. This is the first time that this material was available in stereo for the Canadian fans.

The colourful front cover has various shades of pink, yellow,brown, red, blue, purple and green. There are no photos on the front cover, just text. The Metro logo is at the top right hand corner. The back cover varies between the US and Canadian issues. The US back cover features the title of the LP on the left along with the tracklisting, the Metro logo and some "hip" liner notes. On the right hand side of the back cover, 20 small black and white LP covers promoting the Metro catalogue are shown. On the Canadian issue, the back cover has no tracklisting and no liner notes. All that is shown are 20 black and white LP covers promoting the Metro catalogue. Both back covers are black on white and feature the blurb: "Metro's Exciting World of Music !".

The labels for both countries are black with silver print. The US labels have the songs listed with songwriter's credits and timings whereas the Canadian copies do not have the songwriter's credits and timings; only titles and artist.

For detailed tracklisting, please check my earlier blog posting concerning the subject of the MGM "My Bonnie" LP, it is exactly the same with the exception that this re-issue omitted the songs "Flying Beat" which was on side 1, track 5 of the original release and "Happy New Year Beat" which was on side 2, track 6.

Since this LP was literally released within a week of "Revolver", it never had a chance.

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