Sunday, March 6, 2011

EMI Finally Catches Up

At the end of the 1970s decade, EMI finally caught up with North America in regards to the picture discs and coloured vinyl. A bunch of stuff was released beginning with the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" picture disc - catalogue number PHO 7027. The packaging for this release was different from the North American release due to it's plain black sleeve and the photo of the disc was of the original front cover of the commercial release on both sides whereas the North American version had the "Pepper" bass drum on the B-side. This particular disc was manufactured for EMI by Metronome Records of Germany.

Also released in the UK during the great year of 1979 were the following coloured vinyl releases: "The Beatles (White Album)" on white vinyl with the catalogue number PCS 7067-7068; "Abbey Road" on green vinyl with the catalogue number PCS 7088; "Let It Be" on white vinyl with the catalouge number PCS 7096 and "Magical Mystery Tour" on yellow vinyl with the catalogue number PCTC 255. All of the above coloured vinyl records were released with Apple labels with the exception of the "Magical Mytery Tour" LP which has the Parlophone/EMI silver/black label.

In June of 1979, EMI re-issued the "Hey Jude" compilation LP originally released only in North America in 1970 on Apple. This time EMI added it to it's catalogue with the number PCS 7184. All tracks and cover art are the same as the original release.

All of these discs were released over the course of the year 1979 with little or no advertising by EMI.

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