Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Beatles Ballads

The first Beatles LP of the eighties as well as the first Beatles single LP to contain 20 tracks, this compilation was first released in the UK on October 20 1980. The catalogue number for LP is Parlophone/EMI PCS 7214. The front cover of the LP contains a painting of the Fabs by John Patrick Byrne. The back cover features the track listing, drawings of various animals and a photograph of the Beatles taken during the "mad day out" photo sessions of July 1968. The photograph was taken by Stephen Goldblatt.

"The Beatles Ballads" was also issued in Canada by Capitol of Canada a few weeks later ( exact release date unknown ). The catalogue number for this release is Capitol of Canada SL-9612. The same cover as the UK version was used for this release with the exception of the lower right hand corner of the back cover which features the EMI logo and corporate information for the UK version and the Capitol/EMI logos and corporate information for the Canadian version.

The labels for the UK version are the black/silver two box "EMI" labels. The labels for the Canadian version include the re-issue rainbow label with the white perimeter print inside of the rainbow rim.

Capitol Records in the United States did not release this particular compilation as it was discovered at the time that 10 of the 20 songs on the LP were already released on the "Love Songs" compilation.

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