Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Beatles EP's Collection

On December 07 1981, EMI released a box set entitled "The Beatles EP's Collection" with the catalogue number BEP14. The set included a re-issued of all 12 Beatles UK vinyl EPs in mono plus the "Magical Mystery Tour" EP double vinyl EP in stereo. There was also a bonus EP included with four stereo tracks. These box sets were blue in colour similar to the LP collection.

The EPs included in the set are "Twist and Shout" (GEP 8882), "The Beatles' Hits" (GEP 8880), "The Beatles No. 1" (GEP 8883), "All My Loving" (GEP 8891), "Long Tall Sally" (GEP 8913), "Extracts from the film A Hard Day's Night" (GEP 8920), "Extracts from the album A Hard Day's Night" (GEP 8924), "Beatles For Sale" (GEP 8931), "Beatles For Sale No. 2" (GEP 8938), "The Beatles Million Sellers" (GEP 8946), "Yesterday' (GEP 8948), "Nowhere Man" (GEP 8952)", "Magical Mystery Tour" (SMMT-1) and "The Beatles"(SGE1).

The final EP "The Beatles" contains "The Inner Light" in stereo (first time it is released in stereo in the UK), "Baby, You're A Rich Man" (stereo), "She's A Woman" ( in stereo and with Paul's true count-in) and "This Boy" (although the cover states that this is stereo, this version is actually in duophonic or mock stereo with the highs coming out of one speaker and the lows coming out of the other speaker).

Original Beatles EP's from the 1960s had either Parlophone or Gramophone perimeter print whereby these re-issues contain EMI perimeter print with the exception of "Magical Mystery Tour" which differs from the 1967 release by NOT having the "Sold in UK.." print (among other things). The covers are also thinner on the re-issues. I'm just saying because, unfortunately, some dealers would take the EP's out of the re-issue box and sell them separately claiming they were original.

The box set was released on compact disc worldwide in 1992. The title on the box reads: "The Beatles Compact Disc EP Collection". The box is black rather than blue on this version. These box sets contained the above version on CD with "Magical Mystery Tour" available in both the mono and stereo configurations. The bonus EP was also included with "This Boy" finally in true stereo.



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