Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Become Naked

Revolution number 09...number 09...number 09... credited to Lennon/McCartney but created mainly by John and Yoko, "Revolution 9" is more of a sound collage rather than a song or tune. The piece was mainly taken from the May 30 1968 "Revolution 1" session where improvisation at the end of the main body was taken and kept for the future sound collage. It is one of the longest "Beatles" tracks although most of the creation and assembly was developed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The assembly of the sound effects started on Thursday June 06 1968. It is not clear exactly which sound board they worked from, but a session was held in EMI studio two on that day so this may be from the control room of that studio. Twelve effects were compiled on this day.

Four days later on Monday June 10 1968 in the control room of Studio three, more sound effects were compiled by John Lennon.

The next day on Tuesday June 11 1968, John Lennon once again worked in the control room of EMI studio three in order to compile even more sound effects using his original work as well as finding various sound effect from the effects room at Abbey Road.

On Thursday June 20 1968 from all three of EMI's studios ( one, two and three); the final assembly of all the sound effects were being compiled for the master version of "Revolution 9". Also added at this session were John Lennon and George Harrison's voices saying ramdom things and inserted along with the existing tape loops and sound effects.

The next day on June 21 1968 from the control room of EMI studio two, the master version was given two stereo mixes with the second mix being used for the commercial release.

Four days later on June 25 1968 from the control of EMI studio two once again, the stereo mix for "Revolution 9" was edited from just over nine minutes to just over eight minutes. A tape copy for John and for Apple were also completed at this session.

Oddly, rather than remix "Revolution 9" for mono, a stereo tape of the collage was taken on August 20 1968 from EMI studio three and copied onto a tape in mono simply by folding down the stereo image. This basically means that there are absolutely no differences between the stereo and mono mix of the track.

Six days later on August 26 1968 from the control room of EMI studio two, another mono attempt was completed and improved upon although the same treatment of taking the stereo master and tape copying the mix by folding it down to mono was applied. This final mono attempt was the one used on the commercial track.

"Revolution 9" is available on the Apple 2-LP/2-CD "The Beatles" (White Album).

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