Friday, August 6, 2010

A Ginger Sling With A Pineapple Heart

The next song on the fantastic Apple 2-LP/2-CD "The Beatles" (White Album) is an original George Harrison composition entitled "Savoy Truffle". This song was inspired by the fact that Eric Clapton at the time had an immense sweet tooth and this led to George writing the lyrics essentially derived from a box of MacIntosh's "Good News" chocolates.

The song was begun at Trident Studios in St. Anne's Court, London on October 03 1968. John Lennon played no role in the recording of the song. The basic track for "Savoy Truffle" included George on guitars, Paul on bass and Ringo on drums. I'm sure there were several attempts although typical of this studio, the basic track was labelled "take 1".

Two days later once again at Trident Studios on October 05 1968, the vocals were overdubbed onto the basic track with George singing the lead and Paul harmonizing the background vocals.

The master tape was then brought over to Abbey Road where six saxophones were overdubbed onto the basic track. The recording took place on October 11 1968 from EMI studio two. The sax arrangement was written by Chris Thomas.

Finally on October 14 1968 again from EMI studio two, the final overdubs for the song included Chris Thomas playing the electric piano and the organ, the lead guitar solo from George and percussion played probably by Paul (Ringo was not present for this session). It is noting that this date and this recording session was the last recording (not mixing) session for the Beatles double White album. "Savoy Truffle" was mixed for both mono and stereo once the final overdubs had been completed. Six attempts at the mono mix and two attempts at the stereo mix were completed and ready for commercial release.

There are differences between the mono and stereo mix. The lead guitar solo has additional notes on the stereo and end differently on both mixes. Also, the organ is present in the last verse of the stereo mix but seems to have been faded down for the mono mix. The overall sound of the song sounds better in mono than stereo as stereo has a lopsided instrument placement to my ears.

"Savoy Truffle" is available on the Apple 2-LP/2-CD "The Beatles" White Album. A very nice deep track and an underated tune from Mr. Harrison.

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