Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chop The Tree

The next song to appear on side one of the "Yellow Submarine" Apple LP/CD is an original Lennon/McCartney composition written especially for the film mainly by Paul. It is a call and response type song entitled "All Together Now". The song appears twice in the film and it is also the song that features live action un-animated Beatles at the end of the film. The recording and mono mixing of this tune was done fairly quickly.

Nine basic takes were recorded at EMI Studio two on Friday May 12 1967. This was probably just Paul and George on the acoustics, Ringo keeping time on drums and percussion and John Lennon playing a harmonica. The ninth take was kept as the best one and the overdubs for this tune included: Paul on bass guitar and vocal, John and George on backing vocals, bass drum and finger cymbals as well as handclapping and chorus singing by all. This was achieved at one single session and there was no need for tape reduction of the four track tape. Once the master was completed, six attempts at a mono mix were completed from the control room of studio two. The final mono mix (remix 6) would not be officially released until it appeared on the Beatles Apple/EMI 2-CD "Mono Masters" in 2009.

On Wednesday November 15 1967, a tape copy of the mono mix of "All Together Now" was completed from the control room of EMI studio two and given to the film producers for use in the movie.

The stereo mix for "All Together Now" took place on Tuesday October 29 1968 from the control room of EMI studio three. This stereo mix was released commercially while the fold down version of this mix appeared on the PMC LP version in the UK.

"All Together Now" appears on the Apple LP/CD "Yellow Submarine" and a remixed version of the stereo spectrum appears on the 1999 Apple/EMI LP/CD "Yellow Submarine Songtrack".

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