Saturday, July 29, 2017

The "Get Back/Let It Be" Project January 25 1969

The Beatles entered Apple Studios with out Billy Preston on this day. Billy was busy taping a television show with Lulu so he was away for this day's session. The morning consisted of some acoustic work including the rehearsal of "Two Of Us" with some skiffle thrown in as well as a version of "Bye Bye Love" originally done by the Everly Brothers. Another interesting tune played on acoustics this particular morning was the McCartney original "I Lost My Little Girl" performed by John Lennon of all people !!
The afternoon consisted on rehearsals and taping for George Harrison's composition "For Your Blue". George is on acoustic, Paul on piano, John on slide and Ringo on drums. Take seven (with later vocal overdubs by George in January 1970) was used on both the bootleg of the second edition of Glyn John's "Get Back" LP ( pre-overdubbed vocals) and on the Apple LP/CD "Let It Be" and B-side to the "Long And Winding Road" (post-overdubbed vocals). The Apple 3-LP/2-CD would include the first take of "For You Blue" and finally the "Let It Be" film uses an edit of takes nine and six (pre-overdub)!!
Later in the afternoon and before the end of the session, The Beatles go through some takes of  "Let it Be" with Paul on piano, John on bass, George on electric guitar and Ringo on drums.One of the takes (without Billy Preston) was eventually released on the Apple 3-LP/2-CD "Anthology 3".
At the very end of the day, George plays a version of "Isn't It A Pity" for John. Unfortunately, no interest is shown for the song. It would eventually be released commercially on George's triple album "All Things Must Pass" in November 1970.

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