Saturday, May 20, 2017

The "Get Back/Let It Be" Project January 08 1969

The Beatles gathered at Twickenham studios in London to continue filming and recording sessions for their upcoming live project. In fact, some locations were discussed for the live show but it seems that nothing came from the conversations and no decision for a location was confirmed at this point.
George Harrison showed Ringo and his mates a new composition at the time entitled "I Me Mine" of which a portion can be seen in the "Let It Be" film. Other songs that were rehearsed on this day include "Don't Let Me Down", "Two Of Us", "One After 909" and "I've Got A Feeling", "All Things Must Pass" and "She Came in Through The Bathroom Window".
Later during the day, The Beatles run through "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and proceed to clean up and tighten up George's new "I Me Mine" tune. In the "Let It Be" film, you can see the group going over the song minus John and Yoko who are mock waltzing in front of the band. The quote by John "The Queen Says "No" to Pot Smoking FBI Member" which can be seen in the film and heard on the "Let It Be" commercial Apple LP/CD is taken from this day as well.

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