Saturday, May 6, 2017

The "Get Back/Let It Be" project January 06 1969

After a couple of days break, The Beatles would return to Twickenham Studios to continue recording and filming for the project. One of the song tackled in the morning was a new George Harrison composition "Hear Me Lord" that was written over the previous week-end. This composition wasn't chosen for consideration although George would later record it for his triple LP "All Things Must Pass".
A variety of tunes are rehearsed on this day including "Don't Let Me Down" with footage used for the final film as they try various vocal harmonies. Also "Two Of Us" was worked on as well. Another piece of footage from this session appears in the final "Let It Be" film where George and Paul clash with each other and contains George's famous quote "I'll play if you want me to play...".  Other footage from this day includes Paul's brief appearance at the piano singing "Oh! Darling" at this early stage.
Two more songs are rehearsed from this day include (oddly enough) George's composition "All Things Must Pass" and Paul's "She Came In through The Bathroom Window". Both of these songs would not make the final line up for "Let It Be" but the latter would appear on the next LP and George would use his composition as a title track for his solo triple LP.

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