Saturday, October 10, 2015

"A Day In The Life" - Take 1

The Beatles entered Studio 2 at EMI on January 19 1967 in order to start work on a new composition for their as yet untitled upcoming LP. The song was "A Day In The Life Of..." written jointly by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The beginning and ending were John and the middle section was written by Paul. Both tunes were pulled together and held by an overdub of ascending notes of various instrument of an orchestra.
However, on this day, the first take consisted of John performing his vocal and playing acoustic guitar, Paul on the piano, George on the Maraca and Ringo on the bongos although there are photos of John at the piano and Paul at the organ. At the beginning of the take before the count-in you can hear an organ chord being played.
The take can be heard with John counting in the song as "sugar plum fairy, sugar plum fairy" mumbled twice. This version is not very long and I can't find it on "youtube" to give you a sample, but it can be found on the bootleg LP "Arrive Without Travelling" and on bootleg CD as "Arrive Without Aging".

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