Saturday, October 17, 2015

"A Day In the Life"-RM1

One of my favourite remixes (if there is such a thing) for demo purposes was conducted on January 20 1967 at EMI Studio Two in London. The Beatles had performed the completed rhythm track the previous day with added vocals, some piano, Paul's vocal in the middle section of the song as well as Paul's bass and Ringo's drums (an early version of such).
You will also note that most of the overdubs on this remix would eventually be replaced with better performances as time went on. The middle bars where the orchestral climax would later be added are bare in this version with Beatles' assistant Mal Evans counting out the bars and setting an alarm clock that would ring at the end of the count - this part is kept in on the final version.
Paul's vocal is not perfect and he screws up the final lyric which causes a laugh and a curse word - "shit!". There is also no ending to the song yet in that the final chord has yet to be added to the song.
This version can be found on various bootleg LPs such as "Foretaste", "1967" and "Classified Document" as well as the bootleg CD "Acetates".
I've included some of the remix from "youtube" although the very first part originates from the making of "Sgt. Pepper" special and is then spliced onto the remaining demo.

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