Friday, December 5, 2014

Live at "Sam Houston Coliseum" 65

On August 19 1965, The Beatles appeared live for two shows at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas. The two shows were sponsored by radio station KILT and both shows were introduced by one of their DJs: Russ "Weird Beard" Knight.
The song listing for both concerts was the same as the previous Atlanta concert (see previous post) and both full show are available (including "A Hard Day's Night" this time).
It was supposedly quite hot and humid that day and John Lennon had problems with his voice as is evidenced by the bootleg tape of the two concerts (the one in the afternoon shows problems when Lennon tries to reach the high notes, but the evening performance has him straining his voice to the point of breaking!).
There was also an interruption of the afternoon show near the end of the performance right after "A Hard Day's Night" where the DJ had to go on stage and tell people to move back as the patrons closer to the stage were allegedly getting crushed. The show then picks up again and The Beatles finish the set.
In the evening show, the introduction by the same DJ "Weird Beard" includes his instructions to the fans to remain seated and behave (yeah, like that's going to happen). There also seems to be tuning problems with one of the guitars probably due to the high temperatures of the day. As a side note, Ringo's microphone has issues during both performances.
The audio of these performances can be found on the 2-LP vinyl bootleg: "Live From the Sam Houston Coliseum" and on CD as "The Ultimate Live Collection".
Here is a sample of the afternoon show:

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