Saturday, December 13, 2014

Live at the "Metropolitan Stadium" Minneapolis 65

The North American Beatles road trip continued on in 1965 with a stop in Bloomington,
Minneapolis on August 21 1965. This time the Beatles played at the Metropolitan Stadium. There was a press conference held at the stadium and sponsored by radio station WDGY. The press conference is available on Youtube with various clips shown from the day.
The concert itself was recorded but it is one of the least impressive recordings of the tour. The sound is bad and it seems to be an audience tape of some sort. There is no vinyl copy of this recording as far as I know but there are allegedly some MP3 files floating around and perhaps these were copied onto silver discs and distributed. I've never seen one, though.
The set list is the same as the previous entries for the North American Tour with the exception of the first tune "Twist And Shout" which was not performed at this particular show due to problems with John's Lennon sore throat.
I did find a version of "Can't Buy Me Love" online which claims to be from this show and I've included it for your listening pleasure:

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