Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lucky Stars Special

On November 14 1964, The Beatles had an upcoming new single and an upcoming new LP to promote. The single would be released later in the month ( a week after the broadcast) and the LP would be released early in the month of December (the 4th to be exact).
This caused The Beatles to perform on the "Thank Your Lucky Stars" series although the special for the promotion was eventually re-titled as "Lucky Stars Special".
The Beatles mimed to four songs: the A and B Side of the single and two album tracks. The songs that were mimed: "I Feel Fine" (written mainly by John), "She's A Woman" (written mainly by Paul) "I'm a Loser" (written mainly by John) and "Rock And Roll Music" (the classic cover originally written and performed by Chuck Berry).
The show was taped in the afternoon of November 14 without an audience in attendance. The location for the taping was at Teddington Studio Centre for ABC-TV in the UK. The performance was broadcast a week later on November 21 1964.
All of the songs mimed/ performed are the commercial versions which is why audio only bootlegs are moot. I've included the performance of "She's A Woman" (since it's one of my favourites) although all four are available on "youtube".

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